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Throughout the year, the Casa d'Italia organization brings people together for various social and cultural events. Whether lavish fundraisers held offsite or intimate gatherings hosted in one of our many elegant spaces, every Casa event is a memorable success. Join us for the next affair, or participate by attending one of the many continuing education courses we offer.

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Il Genio Vagante

Casa d’Italia in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture presents: «Il Genio Vagante»

Giordano Bruno Guerri, President of the Italian Vittoriale, and Angela Minicucci, President of Casa d’Italia will award the Prize "The Travelling Genius" to a young Italian chemist Andrea Paolella, a researcher at the Institute of Recherche Energie Québec (IREQ) of Hydro-Québec, the series of “The Travelling Genius: Italian art, humanities, science ... in the world”. Since February, a large number of young Italians have already given and will give voice to their knowledge: science, art, letters, law…. thus generating a spirit of community, of sharing and cultural pride that merges day after day in a wonderful diversity of human stories.

Giordano Bruno Guerri arrives in Montréal to award a prize, which he wanted to raise in Montréal, calling it his "Travelling Genius". The prize was awarded to a young man of "The Travelling Genius" in an evening hosted by Angela Minicucci, President of the Casa d’Italia, the Italian site of Montréal, will echo the words of Gabriele d'Annunzio (1863-1938) and addressed to early twentieth century to the youth of Italy: "Are not you today a whole hunch of hope? Perhaps between you is already the man of tomorrow, who will bring us the good news, the one who will know how to reconcile, in the highest ideals of our italic, great deeds and great thoughts."

Italian Institute of Culture

Free admission reservations compulsory
514-271-2524 / info@casaditalia.org

Cocktail: 6:30

May 27, 2017

Salle des Célébrations, Casa d'Italia