RSM Richter Chamberland

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Innovation, Creativity, and Cultural Diversity in a Growing Business World

Founded in 1926 when Cecil Usher and William Richter joined forces to form an accounting practice in downtown Montreal, RSM Richter Chamberland has grown exponentially over the decades forging new partnerships, new collaborations, and new initiatives. They have done this successfully while maintaining close ties with their clients and the larger community of Montreal, always adapting to an ever-growing international and increasingly diverse business world both locally and globally.

A Firm that Embraces Ethnicity and Diversity

Raymond Massi, Vincent De Angelis and Johnny Di Maria are among the partners at RSM Richter Chamberland whose origins mirror those of other Canadians of Italian origin who gravitated to Montreal’s cosmopolitan pulse. Vincent De Angelis, for instance, was born in Guelph, Ontario from Abruzzesi parents who immigrated to Canada in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Like the majority of families who arrived in Canada during this period, their immigration was facilitated with the Sponsorship Program that Mackenzie King’s Government introduced in 1947, and fundamentally, by the strong familiar ties of support generated by kin and fellow countrymen and women. Once Vincent completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Western Ontario, the desire to live and experience Montreal’s cultural vibrancy became a reality. McGill University had accepted him in the Graduate Diploma of Public Accountancy. Within less than a year after graduating, Vincent joined RSM Richter Chamberland, and in 2009 he became a partner of the firm.

RSM Richter Chamberland and the Casa d’Italia

In its firm belief of building and sustaining a strong sense of community among its employees and the larger community in and around Montreal, RSM Richter Chamberland proudly supports initiatives within Montreal’s Italian community such as activities and events held at the Cultural Centre of Little Italy—Casa d’Italia. In doing so, they serve as an important model for social responsibility and community outreach for other firms. More poignantly, however, RSM Richter Chamberland is actively engaged in forging links of support among the myriad of cultural communities in Montreal both on a local and global scale.