Casa d'Italia sustains, promotes and develops Italian-Canadian culture in Montreal.

About Casa d’Italia

Our mission is to sustain our heritage by actively collecting documents and oral history that is catalogued and contained in the archives. This body of work is the community archive that represents our collective memory.

We promote our common Italian culture by being the “go-to” place where activities are traditional and modern, inter-generational and integrated into Montreal’s landscape. The activities vary from traditional feast to modern festivals.

The Italian-Canadian culture is developed through education. We do so, by collaborating with institutions (elementary, high school and university levels) and other ethnic community centres in making the Casa d’Italia accessible to visit, attend lectures and seminars on social history, immigration, cultural diversity and integration; research for the film industry and documentaries, Italian-Canadian mapping throughout Canada (archivists); language and art courses, as well as other culturally related educational classes.

Casa d’Italia is a place of heritage, culture and collective memory. It houses the Canadian-Italian Archives for the Italian community of Montreal, with a national collaboration of historical mapping of Canadian Italians across Canada. It promotes Italian-Canadian culture through various activities and educational programs; such as, Italian language courses, arts and culture conference, exhibits, Italian cooking classes, theatre and music, Italian regional activities, pop-art and folkloric workshops, Italian film festival; and its facilities are, a library, archives facility, Hall of Memory, Hall of Celebrations, Hall of Fame and Museum, culinary kitchen, Multi-media Room, meeting and conference rooms.

Throughout its history, Casa d’Italia has been the stronghold for the Italian Community. Recently renovated and transformed, Casa d’Italia acts a community centre offering everything from Italian language classes to cooking courses. It houses the offices of various community organizations and rents out its many rooms and banquet halls to private social functions. Casa d’Italia also maintains an archive and museum which houses documents, photos and other memorabilia from our ancestors: Italian immigrants to Montreal.

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